If you are a firm believer in Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, by mining Bitcoin Cash you can support the network and earn BCH at the same time. What we refer to as mining is basically like solving a tough math problem. Miners are the most important part of the cryptocurrency community, and they not only mediate transactions, but also enable new cryptocurrencies to come into circulation. Miners are rewarded with never-before-used cryptocurrency when they successfully uncover a block full of transfer transactions. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash miners were receiving 12.5 BCH for each block they created, as well as receiving transaction commissions for the block.


If you want to profit from Bitcoin Cash mining, you should buy mining equipment specially developed for this job. Before doing this, it will be in your best interest to use the calculator here and roughly calculate your income to understand how much your profit will be. To use this calculator effectively, you need to know the hash rate of your computer or the equipment you plan to invest in. The higher the hash rate level of the device you use, the more your share of the created block will increase.